Why Fries?

Because when done RIGHT they are the best comfort food on this planet.

We believe fries aren’t just a side dish; they can be the main event of a meal, too. They’re extremely versatile, topped with literally anything; they’re beautiful when crisp, delicious when seasoned right, and with the right dip, they can transport your tastebuds to universes undiscovered.

For us, there’s no shame in the fries game. We aim to please without the overgrease. Fries bring cheer to a beer.

My wife (Lappy) and I (Rach) started this new concept last Nov 2017 after a lifetime of playing with recipes to get the perfect combinations to feed ourselves and now you.

As a rule, we only use the best ingredients (sourced locally when possible) and constantly strive to keep our dishes current and unique. We revamp our menu to give you some fresh ideas to taste. You can view our menu online or on our instagram page. We love customer feedback and strive to improve ourselves and our business as time goes on. We will provide love and hate dishes as well as dips so you can have a range of flavours to try.

Stop by, try our fries, grab a beer and say hello! Thank you for your support!

With Love,

Rach and Lap